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agosto 2008

Watermelon granita

by Alice on agosto 19, 2008

Five ingredients is all you need for this amazingly refreshing watermelon granita. Plus, if you have an ice-cream maker or ice cube grinder, it takes practically no time to make. While usually granita is made with the fruit juice, for this one I also used the pulp. I’ve tried all the methods that I’m listing […]

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Rose Flavoured Watermelon Jellies

by Alice on agosto 1, 2008

This is my own adaptation of a typical Sicilian dessert, called ‘gelo di melone’, a very unique combination of flavours, that is, jasmine flowers and watermelon… something you will definitely be able to taste if visiting Sicily in summer. Since there’s plenty of watermelons around at the moment, I thought it was time to try my version […]

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