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marzo 2008

Sweet vegetable soup with ginger

by Alice on marzo 27, 2008

‘Blogging-wise’ I’ve been rather lazy in the past few days but I’m back with a recipe for an easy late-winter, early-spring comforting soup. This has a smooth, velvety texture that many I’m sure will like. Cauliflower and carrot are sweet vegetables that provide an excellent contrast to the spicy, fresh ginger. Ingredients half a medium onion, finely […]

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              If you have to convince someone that tofu is a tasty alternative to meat and animal proteins, try with scrambled tofu. Scrambled tofu allows you to be very creative: it can be paired with almost any kind of vegetable, from zucchini to carrots, from seaweeds to peppers (just to list a few). It’s also great with […]

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Apple and Cinnamon Cake

by Alice on marzo 10, 2008

This is a lovely moist cake for any time of the day. It’s definitely one of those breakfast components that gets me out of bed but I think it’s ideal to conclude a light meal, too. What I like most about this cake is the intense, unique ‘cinnamony apple’ smell that wafts through the house while the […]

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Celeriac, apple and cabbage salad

by Alice on marzo 5, 2008

This combination of celeriac, apple and cabbage sounds wintery but fresh at the same time. You can probably substitute the celeriac with celery for an even fresher result. I really love this salad, like any other dish featuring that fabulous root vegetable also known as celeriac! To make this salad I chose organic vegetables (the apple is […]

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