Panzanella with friselle and tomatoes

by Alice on giugno 7, 2011

Panzanella with friselle and tomatoes


2 whole wheat friselle
320-350 g fresh ripe tomatoes, sliced or cut into pieces
dried oregano, to taste
fresh and cleaned basil, to taste
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
whole sea salt, just enough to taste

Makes 2 servings.


Soak the friselle in filtered water until they are moist (but not too moist), then carefully squeeze the remainng water out of them and crumble them into a salad bowl. Add the tomatoes, oregano, chopped basil, olive oil and salt. Toss and refrigerate for about 2 hours before serving.

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1 Alessandra giugno 7, 2011 alle 04:26

Lovely Panzanella :-), I like these kinds of recipes, with just a few ingredients.

2 Alice giugno 8, 2011 alle 11:05

(sometimes) the simpler, the better :)

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