Quinoa and black chickpea salad with mixed vegetables and olives

by Alice on settembre 27, 2010

Quinoa and black chickpea salad with mixed vegetables and olives


200 g black chickpeas, soaked in cold filtered water for at least 9 hours, or overnight, then washed and drained
150 g quinoa, washed under cold running water
half a red pepper, cleaned and cut into cubes
half a yellow pepper, cleaned and cuto into cubes
8-10 cherry tomatoes, cleaned and cut into quarters
1 carrot, cleaned and cut into cubes
2 hanfuld black pitted olives, chopped
a handful of fresh parsley, cleaned and finely chopped
a handful of fresh basil, cleaned and finely chopped
extra virgin olive oil, to taste
whole sea salt, just enought to taste

Makes 4 servings.


Cook the chickpeas in unsalted water (add the salt to the pot when the chickpeas are almost completely cooked as salt hardens the outer layer). Cook the quinoa al dente in lightly salted water in a separate pot. Drain well and let cool. When the chickpeas are cooked, rinse them under cold, running water, drain well and let cool. Once the quinoa and chickpeas are cold, transfer them into a sald bowl the stir in the red and yellow pepper, tomatoes, carrot, olives, parsley, basil and toss. Season with the olive oil and salt, mix well and serve.

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1 Mihl settembre 27, 2010 alle 07:39

That looks tasty!

2 Bianca- Vegan Crunk settembre 27, 2010 alle 08:59

I’ve never heard of black chickpeas!! But now I MUST find some. Everything is better black….like black rice and black sesame seeds.

3 Aimee settembre 27, 2010 alle 13:44

Hi Alice,
I’ve never seen black chick peas either! Sounds great. Thanks for sharing!
Buona giornata,

4 Thea ottobre 2, 2010 alle 04:05

Lovely blog! Nice food recipes! <3

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