Chilled avocado and basil cream soup with green pepper and coriander infused oil

by Alice on settembre 6, 2010

Chilled avocado and basil cream soup with green pepper and coriander infused oil


1 large ripe avocado, peeled
1 zucchini, cleaned
half a medium cucumber, cleaned
a handful of fresh basil, cleaned
250-300 ml almond milk, unsweetened and unflavoured
juice of half a lemon
whole sea salt, just enough to taste
a few pinches of dried, powdered ginger
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1-2 teaspoons coriander infused oil (here’s how you can prepare it: place 2-3 teaspoons coriander seeds in a glass jar and add 150-200 ml extra virgin olive oil, seal and leave in a cool, dark place to infuse for about two weeks. You can either strain the oil or leave the coriander seeds in for a stronger flavour)
freshly ground green pepper, to taste
fresh chives, if desired, for garnish

Makes 2 servings.


Combine the avocado, zucchini, cucumber, basil, almond milk, lemon juice, salt, ginger and olive oil in a blender and blend on high until very smooth. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes then ladle into bowls or dishes. Add a drizzle of coriander infused oil, sprinkle with some green pepper and garnish with chives if desired.

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1 T settembre 7, 2010 alle 03:08

That sounds like a combination of all my favorite things! Delicious!

2 Alessandra settembre 8, 2010 alle 09:21

Oh I really like the idea of the coriander infused oil :-)

3 Kasey settembre 8, 2010 alle 10:14

This sounds incredibly refreshing and very unique. Definitely going to try it!

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