Rice, romanesco broccoli and sesame balls

by Alice on aprile 1, 2010

Romanesco broccoli, sesame and rice balls


half a small head of cooked Romanesco broccoli (which should be about 180-200 g)
215 g cooked whole Baldo rice (which is about 150-170 g uncooked), preferably al dente
1-2 tablespoons raw sesame oil
1 tablespoons tahin
half a teaspoon powdered coriander seeds
half a teaspoon powdered cumin
half a teaspoon dried ginger powder
freshly ground black pepper, just enough to taste
whole sea salt, just enough to taste
a small handful of parsley leaves, preferably fresh, cleaned and finely chopped
1 teaspoon cleaned and chopped chives, preferably fresh
2 tablespoons white sesame seeds
2 tablespoons ground white sesame seeds (you can grind them yourself in a spice or coffee grinder)

To complete

3 handfuls of peeled almonds
1 tablespoon flakes of nutritional yeast

Makes 16-18 balls.

Rice, romanesco broccoli and sesame ballsDirections

Using a potato masher or fork, mash the broccoli until no large pieces remain. Transfer the broccoli mash into a large bowl, add the cooked rice, sesame oil, tahin, spices, salt, parsley, chives and sesame seeds (whole and ground) and stir well to combine all ingredients. To shape the balls, wet your hands with a little water to prevent the mixture from sticking. They should be slightly smaller than a golf ball. Set the balls aside on a sheet of parchment paper or a tray. In a coffee grinder, finely grind the almonds with the nutritional yeast. Roll the rice balls in the almond-yeast powder and serve at room temperature.

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1 Mihl aprile 1, 2010 alle 07:32

These look pretty! What did you serve them with?

2 T aprile 1, 2010 alle 10:33

wow, gorgeous blog and awesome recipe! I’ve gotta add you to my following list!

3 Bianca- Vegan Crunk aprile 1, 2010 alle 10:48

Interesting! I’m always a fan of balls…not in a dirty way. :-)

4 Alessandra aprile 1, 2010 alle 14:06

You are back! Great! I’ll put you on http://alessandra-onlyrecipes.blogspot.com/



5 Alice aprile 2, 2010 alle 11:51

Mihl, thanks! We had those with stir-fried mixed vegetables but you can choose to serve them almost with anything! They’re great with a soup on the side but I like them on their own, too, as a snack (that’s what I did with the left over ones). I made other versions as well, with different vegetables instead of broccoli (cauliflower, celeriac…)

T, thanks for visiting, your blog is great :)

Bianca, there are more balls to come, seriously!

Alessandra, thanks for your support, it was a short nightmare… I’m back ;)

6 Lauren Helen gennaio 13, 2012 alle 07:56

They look like timbits and I can’t get over that x)
What do they taste like? I can’t imagine all of these flavours together!

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