Seitan with lemon and fresh herbs

by Alice on dicembre 7, 2009

Seitan with lemon, garlic, oregano and thyme


1 garlic clove, peeled
a pinch of whole sea salt
a pinch of white pepper
a pinch of chili powder
6-8 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
fresh thyme leaves, to taste
fresh oregano, to taste
250-300 g plain seitan, broken into small, bite-sized chunks

Makes 2 servings (or more if served as finger food).

Start by pounding the garlic in a mortar and pestle, then add the salt, pepper, chili, oil, lemon, thyme and oregano. Using the pestle in a circular motion, coarsely grind the mixture then set aside. Break the seitan into small, bite-sized chunks. Place a heavy bottomed pan on the heat and wait until it’s hot. Dip the seitan chunks in the marinade making sure they’re completely covered and cook until they’re evenly golden brown. Transfer the seitan onto a serving plate, pour the left-over marinade (if any) over, and serve. You can also enjoy the seitan as finger food, using toothpicks or skewer sticks.

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1 Jessica L Caneal dicembre 7, 2009 alle 10:00

This looks absolutely delish and is beautiful enough to serve at any holiday party. I will definitely be re-posting this on the facebook page for my health counseling practice (

2 Bianca- Vegan Crunk dicembre 7, 2009 alle 15:14

That seitan is beautiful! So often, when I photograph seitan, it just looks like brown blobs…but that is such a gorgeous photo.

3 Alice dicembre 7, 2009 alle 15:42

Bianca, you made me laugh! Brown blobs can turn nice and appealing too! Thanks ;)

4 Alice dicembre 7, 2009 alle 15:45

Hi Jessica, you’re welcome to re-post it if you like it. Thanks for visiting!

5 Karinna dicembre 8, 2009 alle 20:05

Thank you for visiting! Alice, this site looks DELICIOUS and so beautiful. I love all of your photos and recipes!
‘See’ you again soon!

6 Alice dicembre 9, 2009 alle 06:48

Thanks Karinna! Speak soon :)

7 Alessandra dicembre 9, 2009 alle 13:48

I could easily eat this :-D!!! I am not a big fan of seitan, but I think that is because here I cannot find a nice one…

FYI I am putting my recipes in a new place
dividing vegetarians from vegans, but mostly to put things in order a bit, as my main blog is a patchwork of many other things too…


8 Alice dicembre 9, 2009 alle 14:24

I wasn’t a big fan of seitan but now I like to have it now and then. That is, if it’s tasty and properly prepared. I’ll be visiting your new blog, good luck!

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