Swiss chard and chickpea salad with miso dressing

by Alice on febbraio 15, 2008

Ingredients makes 4 servings

For the salad

2 cups chickpeas, cooked

green parts of 6-8 Swiss chard leaves, and 2 stems

3 tablespoons oil of your choice for stir fry

whole sea salt, to taste

white pepper

For the dressing

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

1½ teaspoon brown rice miso paste

the juice of 2 lemons

1 teaspoon brown rice syrup

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1 tablespoon black sesame seeds

whole sea salt, to taste

Wash well the chard stems and cut off any tough parts. Cut into pieces about 1-2 cm wide. Wash the Swiss chard leaves and chop them up. In a wok heat your chosen oil. Add a little bit of water, throw in the chard stems and leaves, and cook, stirring, until wilted, for a few minutes. Add the chickpeas, sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss. Transfer the Swiss chards to a salad bowl, draining off any liquid, and let it cool while you prepare the dressing.

In a small bowl, mix the olive oil, brown rice syrup, lemon juice, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Melt the miso paste in 1 tablespoon warm water, stirring until dissolved. Add the miso to the rest of the dressing and stir well. Adjust with sea salt (if necessary).

To serve, divide the salad among individual plates and drizzle with the dressing. Add some more sesame seeds, for garnish.

Thoughts, tips, ideas

This is an easy salad which can be served as a very healthy and satisfying main course.
The pronounced nutty flavour of the chickpeas matches perfectly with the mild bitterness of the Swiss chard. The miso and lemon dressing gives the dish a very unique, pleasant, sweet and tangy taste. Use canned chickpeas only if you really have to.

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1 pastrystudio febbraio 15, 2008 alle 20:05

This looks really fantastic. Some of my favorite ingredients all on one plate. I know what I’m having for dinner!

2 Roberta febbraio 16, 2008 alle 13:01

dressing is everything in a salad, how depressing when people think they can only do a vinaigrette :(


3 the Hummus guy febbraio 16, 2008 alle 17:33

Looks good Ali, really good. Chickpeas do go wonderful with green vegetables, not only chard but also spinach for example. There’s an Arab dish, Syrian or Iraqi I don’t know, of rice with chickpeas and spinach. I could look the recipe out for you if you want.

4 Ali febbraio 17, 2008 alle 11:14

Pastrystudio- Thanks! It’s always nice to know that a recipe can be appreciated!

Ciao Roberta, I totally agree with you…there’s so much that can be done with salad dressings! Possibilities are endless, really… Grazie!

The Hummus Guy- Thank you! I’m gonna make hummus soon…what recipe should I look for?!

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